Well, short answer is: it’s Iain Tait sorted alphabetically. I think it popped up during an odd coding exercise or something like that. It shows how many A’s and I’s my parents gifted me. Proportionally anyway.It’s a bit odd. And quite geeky. Slightly awkward. And it’s got some AI in it. Which seemed like a good fit.

Why am I starting a blog in 2022?

After a year of https://food.xyz operating in stealth mode it’s time to ‘come out’. When Poke was new I was writing my old blog https://crackunit.com and it was really useful. It gave me a platform to talk about stuff that I was excited by, exploring, thinking, and doing. And it helped me make friends all over the place.

I couldn’t keep Crackunit going when I was at W+K and Google. It’s hard to run a really honest and authentic blog when you work for someone else. I was forever worried about something I wrote getting mis-quoted or misread and upsetting someone. Which would get me in trouble with the higher-ups. And I cope with being in trouble as well as I did when I was 5; I cry and get a loose sphincter if someone tells me off. So that meant I didn’t blog much. I tried a few times, but I couldn’t make back into a habit.

Then all the pressure of social media and all that chuff confused matters and it all became too much.

So this is it. A fresh start. A new platform. A new set of things to get excited about…

And I’ve built it in a way that is super lean and super distraction free (for me and for you hopefully).

Let me know what you think…

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